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Pioneering the most flexible way to get a car online

Who we are

FlexClub is a car subscription marketplace offering our members the simplest and most flexible way to get a car. Through partnerships with reputable car rental companies and fleet providers, more consumers are able to experience the magic of car subscriptions. Our online marketplace enables both commercial and private members to easily browse and order their next car.

Through the FlexClub marketplace, members pay an all-inclusive monthly subscription for a car, earning valuable rewards over time based on their driving behavior. Members earn points that they can redeem when spending with one of our rewards partners, including if they decide to purchase the car. This represents the foundation of what FlexClub calls its “Drive Now, Buy Later” rewards model.

FlexClub is ushering in a more flexible and simpler model for how people get cars in markets like Mexico and South Africa.

Our journey

FlexClub was founded in 2019 to introduce a more flexible way to buy cars. We started work on this mission by partnering with Uber who wanted to provide their community of drivers with access to our unique car subscriptions. After launching the car subscription marketplace in South Africa, we progressed to launch in Mexico at the end of the year. In 2020, we expanded the marketplace to also include car subscriptions for private consumers looking for flexible access to a car for personal use. Today, our marketplace has hundreds of members enjoying the benefits of a simple, flexible, all-inclusive monthly car subscription across multiple cities.

How it works

We’re pioneering the most flexible way to get a car and are fortunately backed by leading global tech investors who fuel car subscription model across the globe.

The FlexClub experience is fully digital, simple and convenient. In just a few clicks, members can order their car and have it delivered to their door.

Car subscriptions on the FlexClub marketplace offer members unparalleled freedom as an alternative to traditional car loans which can lock customers into complicated long-term commitments.

Car subscriptions offer members the flexibility to swap or buy the car or end their subscription at any time. We offer an all-inclusive monthly fee, eliminating the need for separate insurance or maintenance expenses.