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Swap, pause or cancel anytime
All online, we do the hard work
Earn rewards while you drive

Say hello to your next car

In just a few steps you can have your next car delivered within the next 5 days. No paperwork, no hassle, all online.

Renault Kwid
Step 1

Pick your next car

Choose a car in the marketplace – we have cars to suit your lifestyle and budget.

List of benefits of a FlexClub subscription
Step 2

Sign up with FlexClub

Create your profile to start the journey in getting access to your all-inclusive car subscriptions and our rewards program.

Mobile device showing face scanning
Step 3

100% online process

Confirm your identity

To confirm your identity upload images of your identity document and take a live selfie

Fast and 100% secure credit check

Setup a 100% private and securely link to your bank statement to confirm your eligibility. No sensitive information will be shared or charges made.

Renault Kwid
Step 4

Pay your first subscription fee

Pay your first FlexClub subscription fee – this gives you all the added benefits. Free car delivery, access to rewards, and the ability to start driving with ultimate flexibility.

Step 5

Choose delivery date and time

The car is delivered right to your door. No hassle. No stress.

Girl driving a car
Step 6

Drive your way

Enjoy all the benefits of FlexClub. Start driving, earn weekly rewards. Swap, pause, cancel your subscription at anytime.

You have your new ride, now what?

It's your car, you get to choose what to do with it

Use it

Visit our blog page for some ideas on what to do with your new wheels.

Swap it

Feel like a change? Swap your car for another - use your online dashboard to make the change.

Buy it

With FlexClub you are given the opportunity to purchase your car before or at its first service date or after 11 months.

Upgrade it

Don't want to buy? After 11 months or before your first service you will get the latest model of your car. How's that for style?

How does FlexClub compare?

No hidden costs. Swap cars and cancel your subscription at anytime.

VW Polo Vivo
1.4 Trendline
Finance FlexClub
Insurance R 1,111
Maintenance R 600
Car repayment R 4,398
Vehicle tracking R 200
Monthly total R 6,309 R 5,869
VW Polo Vivo
Kia Picanto
1.0 Street
Finance FlexClub
Insurance R 1,010
Maintenance R 700
Car repayment R 4,000
Vehicle tracking R 200
Monthly total R 5,910 R 4,826
VW Polo Vivo
Toyota Corolla
1.8 Quest Automatic
Finance FlexClub
Insurance R 1,490
Maintenance R 800
Car repayment R 5,900
Vehicle tracking R 200
Monthly total R 8,390 R 7,300
VW Polo Vivo
Licence cards

What do you need to get started?

Our process is 100% secure and online, but you will still need to have the following to join FlexClub.

  • Valid driving licence
  • Valid Identity Document or Passport
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